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Order Cross Stitch Pattern From The Photo!

Here you can order cross stitch pattern from a photo of your child,
your favourite cat, or any other picture.
You surprise all friends and relatives with the unique and original work of art!

You receive the pattern incredibly quickly by email!!!

Simply email me. And attach a photo. Also specify a way of payment of
the order comprehensible to you.

Remember, that quality cross stitch pattern depends on quality of a photo.
However it is not necessary to send a photo more than 200kB.

Usually pattern contains from 300000 up to 600000 stitches and from 40
up to 70 colors. It depends on complexity of the image. Cloth count 14.
I shall take part in attention all your wishes.

You can receive your cross stitch pattern in electronic format:
e-Book, PDF or PCStitch.

It will cost to you of only $8 !!!
And you receive the pattern during 2 business days after payment!!!

I guarantee that anybody except for you never will see yours cross stitch pattern.
Also I guarantee money back if I shall not execute the obligations.

Order cross stitch pattern now and enjoy!

Counter CO.KZ